Center for Chinese Studies Research Grant for Foreign Scholars in Chinese Studies

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Current Grant Recipients

Year Nationality Name Institution Position Topic of Research Plan Tenure
USA William Sack Harvard University Ph. D. Candidate 4-H and Rural Youth under Development in Taiwan
USA Moonsil L. Kim Rhode Island College Associate Professor Feasting of Early China through Texts, Law, and Archaeology
Germany Thilo Diefenbach Hefte für ostasiatische Literatur (Journal of East Asian Literature) Other Further research for a "History of Taiwan's Literatures"
Canada Daniel Fried University of Alberta Associate Professor Early Print Culture of the Northern Song
UK Aoife Cantrill The University of Oxford Ph. D. Candidate Translating Kōminka: Shaping narratives of Japanese rule in Taiwan through translation (1979-2017)
Japan Tatsuro Aratake Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences Tokushima Univ Professor
Japan Tsuchiya Taisuke Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences, Niigata University Associate Professor The Intellectual History of Chan Buddhism and the Evolution of “Encounter Dialogue” in the Tang Dynasty
USA Max David Woodworth The Ohio State University Associate Professor Atmospheric Politics: Air Quality, Civic Science, and Digital Democracy in Taiwan
USA Sarah Plovnick University of California, Berkeley Ph. D. Candidate Sounding Through the Firewall: A Narrative of Communication Between Taiwan and China
USA Tyler Feezell 亞利桑那州立大學 Ph. D. Candidate Daoism and Cultural Performance: "Pacing the Void" Ideas in Tang Dynasty Poetry and Daoist Ritual
USA Kevin Kind Johns Hopkins University Ph. D. Candidate Military Occupation, Forced Labor, and Local Security in Late Qing Xinjiang, 1877-1912
Korea Joo-hyeon Oh Harvard University East Asian Languages and Civilizations Department Ph. D. Candidate 明清時代「怪異」的文化思想史:通過怪異之物考察自然思維模式與知識
USA Ari Daniel Levine University of Georgia Professor Mirrors of the Mind: Vision, Visuality, and Memory in Song China
USA Christopher Chan University of California, Berkeley Ph. D. Candidate The Politics and Poetics of “Green” Infrastructures as Techno-Aesthetic Strategies of Ecological Futures in Taiwan
Netherlands Renée Vera Hagen University of California, Los Angeles Ph. D. Candidate Understanding women’s support for patriarchal gender norms in Hualien County, Taiwan.
India Ayushman Baruah Department of History, University of Toronto Ph. D. Candidate Qing Empire and the Making of a Himalayan Borderland: Imperial Agents, Maps, and, Geopolitics, 1850-1912
Japan Koji Hirata University of Cambridge Assistant Professor Mao's Steelworks: Industrial Manchuria and the Making of Chinese Socialism
Israel Kai Shmushko Tel Aviv University Ph. D. Candidate Lay Devotees of Tibetan Buddhism - The Case of Taiwan and The COVID -19 Pandemic
Sweden Victor Bogren Svensson Lund University, Centre for Languages and Literature Ph. D. Candidate 關於布農語狀語動詞的分析及研究
Korea Songjoo Kim University of Melbourne Assistant Professor Deforestation in the Early Anthropocene: The Ecological Consciousness of Song Dynasty Literati
Year Nationality Name Institution Position Topic of Research Plan Tenure