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2022年「外籍學人來臺研究漢學獎助」錄取名單 正取20名,備取32名。茲將錄取學人之簡介分述如下(正取、備取皆依國籍英文字母順序排列) 漢學研究中心111年(2022年)「外籍學人來臺研究漢學獎助」錄取名單已告確定。此次申請獎助共計96件,審查會議於2021年9月2日下午召開,由曾淑賢館長主持,參加審查之館外學者專家共計6人。 More
Library Workshop 
For providing service for foreign scholars in Taiwan, NCL is holding Library Workshop Curriculum in September. There are two courses: Wednesday, September 1st: General integrated course: Introduction to Library Resources & Services More
Announcement for the Paper Presenters of Gendering Transformatio-ns Feminist Knowledge Production and Transnational Activist Enga-gement 
For your information, we have reached a difficult decision that the Gendering Transformations Conference will go fully virtually without any physical attendance. Although the pandemic of COVID-19 in Taiwan is rather controlled lately, there are still many restrictions for indoor activity in Taipei. And we certainly could not loosen up ourselves and take it lightly.More
The publication of Conference Proceeding "Daoism and Local Cults: Rethinking the Paradigms" 
The chapters assembled in this volume emerged from a conference held at Leipzig University from November 29 to December 1, 2018, on the theme of "Daoism and Local Cults: Rethinking the Paradigms." It was hosted by Leipzig University Library and the Leipzig University Institute of East Asian Studies, and co-sponsored by the National Central Library (Taipei), the École Pratique des Hautes Études, and the Society for the Study of Chinese Religions. More
2021 MOFA Taiwan Fellowship Candidates 
92 applicants from 37 countries are selected as 2021 Taiwan Fellowship Candidates. After submitting a Letter of Consent for Research by the end of 2020, the candidates will officially become Taiwan Fellowship Scholars. Here comes the full list, in alphabetical order by country More


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