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Admission List of 2023 Workshop for Young Sinologist  

In order to promote and enhance the understanding of Sinological and Taiwan Studies resources in Taiwan for future Sinologists, the National Central Library is going to hold a two-day introductory workshop on digital humanities. The workshop contains a keynote speech, four lecture courses, one guided tour within NCL and a half day trip to three major temples in Taipei.


The list of admission for the Workshop is as follows:


Maria Errazuriz

Dominik Eben

Kristyna Rossmullerova

Radek Rubina

Anna Mikulincova

Petra Nepozitkova

Michele LEUNG(梁喜昕)

Leonie Katharina Jaitner


Veeresh Kanduri

Rakha Asyrofi



Hue Yee Yap(葉蕙依)


Harajdova Klara

Martina Pekarova

Thanyavee Phochan

Peeranat Kairungka

Alba Barrera(巴曉蕾)

Kiera Martin(莫琦)

Ritchie McDonald Farmer(范瑞勤)

Hanna Dashchenko

Benjamin Fleischacker(江藝晨)

Linda Wen-Chi Chu(朱雯琪)

Zee Rock

Jackson Burns

Tran Nguyen Nhat Ha

Bui Vuong Chan Dong(裴王振東)


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