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International Conferences

In the interests of promoting international scholarly exchange and stimulating Sinological research in Taiwan, the Center for Chinese Studies sponsors and cosponsors international conferences on a regular basis. Since 1984, our Center has hosted the following conferences:

Conference Title
Taiwan Update: Positioning Taiwan in the World)
2021.12. 8.- 9
Knowledge Nourishment and Cultural Power: Symposium to Commemorate the 95th Anniversary of Chiang Wei-shui’s“Clinical Notes”
2016.11.30.- 30
International Conference on the Cultural Interpretations of Mobility*
2008.03.26.- 28
International Conference on Sinological Resources in the Digital Era
2004.12. 7.- 9
Conference on Regional Source Materials
2002.10.16.- 18
Concealing to Reveal: An International Conference on "the Private" and "Sentiment" in Chinese History and Culture
2001.08.20.- 22
Third Cross-Straits Conference on the Collation of Ancient Books
2001.04.18.- 19
Conference on Zhuzi Studies and East Asian Culture
2000.11.16.- 18
Conference on Ritual, Theatre and Folklore
2000.06. 5.- 7
Conference on Ming Literati Collections and Ming Studies
2000.04.28.- 30
Conference on the Creativity of Linguistics in Taiwan
2000.01.14.- 15
International Conference on Society, Ethnicity and Cultural Performance
1999.05.28.- 30
International Conference on Jin Yong's Novels*
1998.11. 4.- 6
Conference on the Chinese Family and Its Ethics*
1998.04.21.- 23
Cross-Straits Conference on the Collation of Ancient Books
1996.04.21.- 23
4th International Conference on Chinese Culinary Culture
1995.09.21.- 22
Conference on Chinese Myth and Legend*
1995.04.21.- 23
Cross-Straits Conference on Popular Literature
Conference on Chinese Ritual and Ritual Theatre
1994.05.12.- 14
Conference on Temples and Popular Culture*
1994.03.18.- 20
International Conference on Popular Beliefs and Chinese Culture*
1993.04.25.- 28
Symposium on Current Sinological Research in Eastern Europe
Symposium on Prospects International Cooperation in Chinese Studies
International Conference on Values in Chinese Societies:Retrospect and Prospect*
1991.05.20.- 26
2nd International Conference on Tun-huang Studies*
1990.07. 9.- 11
International Conference on Chinese Folk Literature*
1989.09. 4.- 7
International Symposium on Chinese Studies Resources
1988.11.30.-12. 3
International Conference on Ming Drama and Fiction*
1987.08. 7.- 9
International Conference on Tun-huang Studies*
1986.08. 1.- 3
International Conference on Chinese Local Gazetteers
1985.04. 1.- 3
International Symposium on Chinese Intellectual History
1984.12.16.- 18