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Full-text Database of CCS Publications


 Database of Mainland Chinese Periodicals


Starting in January 2009, the Center for Chinese Studies will launch a full-text database of all its publications, with the hope that it will be utilized by Chinese scholars world-wide. Browsing the database will be free of charge and will contain all past issues of Chinese Studies and the Newsletter for Research in Chinese Studies. Where the author has given permission, the full-text of the articles can be searched. We encourage all to utilize it, and also invite those authors how have not yet approved the inclusion of their article(s) in the database to contact the Center as soon as possible.

Searches can be conducted in the following manners: (1) browse by issue or (2) conduct full-text search of authors, types, titles, keywords, and abstracts.

The Center for Chinese Studies is grateful to those scholars who authorized their work to be included in this database. This full-text database is for academic research purposes. Content can be search, read, and printed for personal, non-commercial purposes. We ask that you observe the copyright laws of the Republic of China by not reproducing, disseminating, altering, posting, or broadcasting, articles therein.




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