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Bibliography of Tun-huang Studies

Bibliography of  Tun-huang Studies

The contents of this database have been compiled from that of the hard-copy volume Bibliography of Tun-huang Studies, 1908-1997, published in 2003. The bibliographical volume was edited by Professors A-Tsai Cheng and Feng-Yu Chu (Department of Chinese Literature, National Chung Cheng University) on behalf of the Center for Chinese Studies. Indexing for the database was done by Professors Cheng and Chu, along with Mr. Chung-Lin Tsai, Mr. Hsi-po Chou, Ms. Yi-fang Hong, Ms. Li-Ling, Liang, and Ms. Hui-ping Liu, also on behalf of the Center for Chinese Studies. The materials collected here encompass scholarly research from Taiwan, Mainland China, Japan, and South East Asia from 1908 to 1997, as well as research indexes for foreign sinologists. This collection includes monographs, journal articles, dissertations, conference papers, and newspaper articles, totaling over 12,000 entries.


This database is searchable by: (1) full-text search, (2) directory browsing, (3) keyword search, (4) name of author; or title of article, book, or journal.


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