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Karin Myhre 麥桂怡
Sex:Female 女
Nationality:USA 美國
Period for Grants:9個月

照片 Photo : 麥桂怡 Karin Myhre

CCS Grant


Instituion:Department of East Asian Language, University of California at Berkeley美國加州大學柏克萊分校東亞系

Topic:Humor in Popular Literature of the Song and Yuan



Instituion:Department of Comparative Literature, University of Georgia, USA



Homepage:Karin Myhre

Article catalog
  • Karin Myhre. 2001. “Wit and Humor,” foundation chapter in the Columbia History of Chinese Literature, Victor Mair, ed. New York: Columbia University Press
  • Karin Myhre. 2003. 苗繪精神:繪畫中神、鬼、妖的圖景” (Picturing Spirits: Images of Gods, Ghosts and Demons in Chinese Painting) 唐宋的佛教與社會-寺院財富與世俗供養 2001年6月, 北京大學, 上海美術出版社
  • Karin Myhre. 2008. Review of Chinese theories of reading and writing: a route to hermeneutics and open poetics by Ming Dong Gu. Journal of Asian Studies, 67.2, 689-690.
  • Karin Myhre. 2008. “Narrative Structures of Strange Tales” SEECR special session. Association for Asian Studies, Atlanta
  • Karin Myhre. 2006. "Theatrical and Ritual Perspectives on Han Nuo Exorcism" Southeast Early China Roundtable, Charleston, S.C
  • Karin Myhre. 2005. “Shapes of Specters: Revenants in Chinese Northern Dramas” University of Oregon
  • Karin Myhre. 2004. “The Act and the Word; Roles and Remembrance in Drama” Memory, Memorial and Commemoration in Chinese Literature 200-1700 AD Center for Chinese Studies, University of California at Berkeley
  • Karin Myhre. 2003. “Demonic and Divine in Chinese Painting” Center for Humanities and Arts Lunch-in-Theory Series University of Georgia
  • Karin Myhre. 2003. "Renegade Revenants: The Re-establishment of Orthodoxy in Yuan Dramas" University of Utah
  • "Monsters lift the veil: the transformation of Chinese animal hybrids" in Asa Mittman and Peter Dendle, eds., Ashgate Compantion to Monsters and the Monstrous, 2012, 217-236.
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