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Limin Bai 白莉民
Sex:Female 女
Nationality:New Zealand 紐西蘭
Period for Grants:5個月

照片 Photo : 白莉民 Limin Bai

CCS Grant


Instituion:Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand紐西蘭威靈頓維多利亞大學

Topic:Wang Hengtong and His Illustrated Primers,1902 - 1915 王亨统和他的繪圖蒙學讀本,1902-1915

Specialty:Education policy and practice in contemporary China、Culture and Difference, with a focus on educational missionaries in China (nineteenth - early twentieth centuries)、Chinese attitudes to childhood, with a focus on primers and elementary education in late imperial China、Intelligentsia in late imperial China, with a focus on its influence on and contributions to education and culture


Instituion:School of Languages and Cultures,Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand


Homepage:Limin Bai

Work catalog
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Article catalog
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Scholar's Photo
Scholar's Photo 2014年12月23日寰宇漢學講座