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Tobias Zuern 陶全恩
Sex:Male 男
Nationality:Germany 德國

CCS Grant


Instituion:University Of Wisconsin-Madison美國威斯康辛大學—麥迪遜分校

Topic:Hidden Voices and Textual Mandalas from the Han – The Huainanzi and its Intertextual References to the Zhuangzi 漢朝代的暗藏的聲音與篇章的曼荼羅 - 淮南子引用莊子考辯


Instituion:Religious Studies, Washington University in St. Louis, USA


Homepage: Tobias Benedikt Zürn
Tobias Benedikt Zürn

Article catalog
  • “Cosmology as a Unifying Principle in the Zhuangzi or How to Incorporate the Emergence of Language within the Process of Cosmic Creation“ at the Upper Midwest Regional Meeting of the American Academy of Religion, Luther Seminary, Minnesota, April 2010
  • “Intertextuality and Contextuality - The Zhuangzi in the Face of the Huainanzi” at the Workshop “Intertextuality and Imaginary Spaces in East Asia” at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, September 2011
  • “Polymorph Divine Beings? Pan Gu, Pan Hu, and the Drums in a Report of a Ritual from Hunan”at the Midwest Conference of Asian Affairs, Macalester College, October 2011
  • “Overgrown Courtyards and Tilled Fields: Image-Based Debates on Governance and Body Politics in the Mengzi, Zhuangzi, and Huainanzi,” Early China 41 (2018): 297- 332
  • Annotated Translation with Translator’s Note: “Seng Qixu 僧契虛 (Monk Attached to Emptiness),” in Tang Dynasty Tales: A Guided Reader Volume 2. Edited by William H. Nienhauser Jr. Singapore: World Scientific Publishing Co., 2016, pp. 365-424
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