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David Alen Ownby 王大為
Sex:Male 男
Nationality:USA 美國
Period for Grants:3個月
Professeur titulaire
照片 Photo : 王大為 David Alen Ownby

CCS Grant


Instituion:Department of History, Southern Methodist University美國南方衛理公會大學歷史系

Topic:Revision of Doctoral Dissertation: "Feuds, Secret Societies, and Rebellion in Eighteenth Century Southeast China: The Background to the Lin Shuang-wen Uprising of 1787"



Instituion:Centre d'études de l'Asie de l'Est (CETASE), Université de Montréal, Canada



Homepage:Université de Montréal

Work catalog
Article catalog
  • David Alen Ownby. 2009. Kang Xiaoguang : Social Science, Civil Society, and Confucian Religion. Dans « Perspectives chinoises », No.4, pp. 104-111.
  • David Alen Ownby. 2003. A History for Falun Gong : Popular Religion and the Chinese State since the Ming Dynasty. Nova Religio vol. 6, number 2 , pp. 223-243
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