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Joshua Sidney Stenberg 石峻山
Sex:Male 男
Nationality:Australia 澳大利亞
Period for Grants:3個月

CCS Grant


Instituion:The University of Sydney, Department of Chinese Studies雪梨大學中華研究系

Topic:Border-Crossing Puppetry: Taiwanese Potehi in Transnational Perspective 越境偶:跨國視野中的台灣布袋戏


Instituion:Department of Chinese Studies. The University of Sydney


Homepage:Department of Chinese Studies, The University of Sydney

Work catalog
  • (in prep.) Minority Shows: Sino-Indonesian Theatre and Performance. Monograph.
  • (tr.) Shadow of Flowers, by Ye Zhaoyan, Simon and Schuster, 2016. Novel.
  • (ed.) Irina's Hat: New Short Stories from China. Portland: MerwinAsia, 2013. Short Story Collection.
  • (tr.) Madwoman on the Bridge and Other Stories by Su Tong. London: Black Swan, 2008. Short Story Collection.
  • (tr.) Tattoo: Three Novellas by Su Tong. Portland: MerwinAsia, 2010. Novella Collection.
  • Minority Stages: Sino-Indonesian Performance and Public Display
Article catalog
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  • "Traditional" opera in a "modern" society: Institutional change in Taiwanese xiqu education