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Foreign scholars personal information
Jia-Chen Fu 傅家倩
Sex:Female 女
Nationality:USA 美國
Period for Grants:3個月

CCS Grant


Instituion:Emory University美國埃默里大學

Topic:Anger in a Time of War: Psychology and the Problem of Child Emotional Development in China, 1937-1949戰爭時期心理學與兒童情緒問題,1937-1949


Instituion:Emory University



Work catalog
  • The Other Milk: Reinventing Soy in Republican China (In press, University of Washington Press, 2018)
Article catalog
  • “The Tyranny of the Bottle: Vitasoy and the Cultural Politics of Packaging.” Worldwide Waste Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies. (Article under review)
  • “Artemisinin and Chinese Medicine as Tu Science.” Endeavour 41.3 (September 2017): 127-35.
  • “Measuring Up: Anthropometrics and the Chinese Body in Republican Period China.” Bulletin of the History of Medicine 90.4 (December 2016): 643-71.
  • “Houses of Experiment: The Place of Science in Republican China.” East Asian Science, Technology, and Society 10.3 (September 2016): 269-90.
  • “Scientizing Relief: Nutritional Activism from Shanghai to the Southwest, 1937-1945.” European Journal of East Asian Studies 11 (2012): 259-82.