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Jessica Ann Marinaccio 馬哲詩
Sex:Female 女
Nationality:USA 美國

CCS Grant


Instituion:Pacific Studies, Victoria University of Wellington. New Zealand威靈頓維多利亞大學

Topic:Narratives of Image and Identity : Performative Cultural Diplomacy between Taiwan and Tuvalu.形象與身分認同的表述 : 臺灣與吐瓦魯的表演文化外交

Work catalog
  • “The Secret Listeners, Voyeurs, and Dreamers of Apartments and Alley Houses: Dimensions of Space in Shen Congwen’s Early Short Stories” [公寓與弄堂樓的偷聽者、偷窺者以及幻想者—略談沈從文早期小說的空間感], The 20th Paper Presentation Conference for the Journal of Chinese Literature (中國文學研究) at National Taiwan University’s Department of Chinese Literature (pp. 1-22). Taipei, National Taiwan University, 2010 (in Mandarin).
  • A Study of the Compilation and Translation of Modern Chinese Poetry [《中國現代詩選》的編譯研究] (Unpublished Master’s thesis). Taipei, National Taiwan University, 2011 (in Mandarin).