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Hyeju JEONG 鄭惠朱
Sex:Female 女
Nationality:Korea 韓國
Period for Grants:4個月

照片 Photo : 鄭惠朱 Hyeju JEONG

CCS Grant


Instituion:Department of History, Duke University, USA美國杜克大學歷史系

Topic:Between Shanghai and Mecca: Community, Network and Politics of Chinese Muslim Diasporas in the Twentieth Century上海和麥加的中間: 二十世紀中國穆斯林的網絡


Homepage:Hyeju Janice Jeong

Article catalog
  • Hyundai, Made in Jubail: Cold Wars, Business Networks and States behind Saudi Mega-City
  • Shadian's Muslim Communities and Trans-Local Connectivities_IIAS Newsletter, Autumn 2016
  • A Song of the Red Sea: Communities and Networks of Chinese Muslims in the Hijaz (KFCRIS, Dirasat)
  • Strongmen and Networks: The Rise of Informal Diplomats
  • Between Shanghai and Mecca: Diaspora and Diplomacy of Chinese Muslims in the Twentieth Century
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