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Margherita Zanasi 曾瑪莉
Sex:Female 女
Nationality:Italy 義大利
Period for Grants:4個月
照片 Photo : 曾瑪莉 Margherita Zanasi

CCS Grant


Instituion:Asian Studies Department, University of Texas at Austin美國德州大學奧斯汀分校東亞系

Topic:Life Along the Grand Canal of China: Politics, Culture, and Society(1644-1949)生活在大運河邊:政治、文化和社會(1644-1949)



Instituion:Department of History, Louisiana State University, USA



Homepage:Department of History, Louisiana State University

Work catalog
Article catalog
  • Zanasi, Margherita. 2008. “Globalizing Hanjan": The Suzhou Trials and the Post-World War II Discourse on Collaboration.” American Historical Review 113.2: 731-751 (June 2008).
  • Zanasi, Margherita. 2007. “Exporting Development: The League of Nations and Republican China.” Comparative Studies in Society and History 49.1: 1-27 (January 2007).
  • Zanasi, Margherita. 2004. “Fostering the People’s Livelihood: Chinese Political and Economic Thought between Empire and Nation.” Twentieth Century China 30.1: 6-38 (November 2004).
  • Zanasi, Margherita. 2004. “Far from the Treaty Ports: Fang Xianting and the Idea of Rural Modernity in 1930s China.” Modern China 30.1: 113-146 (January 2004).
  • Zanasi, Margherita. 2008. “New Perspectives on Chinese Collaboration.” Japan Focus: An Asia Pacific Journal, published as part of “Collaboration in War and Memory in East Asia: A Symposium” (July 24, 2008)
  • Zanasi, Margherita. 2007. “从帝权到国家:孙中山的经济思想 (From Empire to Nation: Sun Yat-sen’s economic thought). ” In 日本孙文研究会编. 孙文与南方熊楠: 越境的知的对话. (Sun Yat-sen and Minakata Kumagusu: An intellectual dialouge across-borders ). 财团法热人孙中山纪念会.
  • Zanasi, Margherita. 2007. “Also published in Japanese: “Ōchō kokka kara kindai kokka ni itaru Son Bun no keizai shisō.” In Sun Bun to Minakata Kumagusu: kaigai nite chiin to au. Kobe: Zaidan Hōjin Son Bun Kinenkan.
  • Zanasi, Margherita. 2000. “Chen Gongbo and the Construction of a Modern Nation in 1930s China.” In Tim Brook and Andre Schmid eds., Nation Work: Nationalism in Asia since 1850. Ann Arbor:University of Michigan Press, pp. 125-157.Also published in Chinese: 民族的构建. 北京:吉林出版集团有限责任公司, 2008
  • Zanasi, Margherita. 2006. “Should I Have Stayed at Home and Thought of Here?” Roger Louis ed. Burnt Orange Britannia. London: Tauris.
  • Zanasi, Margherita. 2003. “Far From the Treaty Ports: Fang Xianting and Rural Modernity in 1930s China.” In Modern China.
  • “Frugality and Luxury: Morality, Market, and Consumption in Late Imperial China,” Frontiers of History in China, vol. 10, no. 2 (September 2015), pp. 457-485.
  • “Frugal Modernity: Livelihood and Consumption in Modern China” (Journal of Asian Studies (forthcoming August 2015).
  • “Western Utopias, Missionary Economics, and the Chinese Village,” The Journal of World History. Vol. 24, no. 2, April 2013, pp. 359-387.
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