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Sae-Bong Ha 河世鳳
Sex:Male 男
Nationality:Korea 韓國
Period for Grants:3個月

照片 Photo : 河世鳳  Sae-Bong Ha

CCS Grant


Instituion:International Area Studies, Pusan National University 韓國釜山大學國際地域問題研究所

Topic:Taiwan's Trade with the East Asian during the Rule of Japanese Imperialism日據時期臺灣對東亞貿易



Instituion:Department of East Asian Studies, Korea Maritime & Ocean University, South Korea



Homepage:Sae-Bong Ha

Work catalog
Article catalog
  • Ha Sae-Bong. 2004. 식민지권력의 두 가지 얼굴 - 조선박람회(1929년)와 대만박람회(1935년)의 비교(Two Faces of the Colonial Power : A Comparison between Chosun Exposition(1929) and Taiwan Exposition(1935))
  • Ha Sae-Bong. 2007. 臺灣與自我形象-以1903年大阪博覽會為中心. 臺灣史研究
  • The possibility of new imagination: The study of maritime history「역사와 경계」,제101권(집), PP.1~31, 부산경남사학회, 2016.
  • Locality between the exhibition and the discourse-the case of Hong Kong Museum of History「중국학보」,제71권(집), PP.361~384, 한국중국학회, 2015.
  • The Nantong Museum and modernizing the natural history in tradition「중국사연구」,제89권(집), PP.251~284, 중국사학회, 2014.
  • The diplay of history of East Asia-the case of the Kyushu National Museum「사림」,제47권(집), PP.31~62, 수선사학회, 2014.
  • Policy and Editing of Academic Journal「역사와 경계」,제85권(집), PP.403~435, 부산경남사학회, 2012.
  • Study on the Building process and exhibition plan of National Maritime Museum 「고문화」,제78권(집), PP.7~29, 한국대학박물관협회, 2011.
  • Exhibition of Taiwanese Museum and Poitics in cold war period「현대중국연구」,제13권(집), PP.361~404, 현대중국학회, 2011.
  • Musems in East Asia and Shaping Historical Knowledge at early 20th centry「동북아문화연구」,제28권(집), PP.339~363, 동북아시아문화학회, 2011.
  • A view of space for teconstruction of modern East Asian history「동양사학연구」,제115권(집), PP.137~175, 동양사학회, 2011.
  • A mapping of South Korean studies of modern Chinese history「한국사학사학보」,제21권(집), PP.79~109, 한국사학사학회, 2010.
  • Korean Studies in East Asian Maritime History「동북아 문화연구」,제23권(집), PP.167~189, 동북아시아문화학회, 2010.
  • Taiwan museum and the politics of display「중국근현대사연구」,제45권(집), PP.129~155, 한국중국근현대사학회, 2010.
  • The methodology and task of local studies in Koreanology「동북아문화연구」,제20권(집), PP.227~249, 동북아시아문화학회, 2009.
  • The perspective of 'the tribute trade system' and after the perspective「인문사회과학연구」,제20권(집), PP.439~458, 부경대학교 인문사회과학연구소, 2019.
  • Chinese Expo's : place and hosting city(중국 엑스포의 역사: 개최도시와 공간),중국 엑스포의 역사: 개최도시와 공간「Journal of Environmental Studies (한국농촌)」,제60권(집), PP.43~50, 서울대학교환경대학원, 2017.
  • How tropical studies overthrow the world history?「역사와 경계」,제104권(집), PP.295~308, 부산경남사학회, 2017.
  • Expo in East Asia and Technopia「내일을 여는 역사」,제2012권(집), PP.131~154, 내일을 여는 역사 재단, 2012.
Scholar's Photo 文化參觀
Scholar's Photo 文化參觀