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May Bo Ching 程美寶
Sex:Female 女
Nationality:UK 英國
Period for Grants:7個月

照片 Photo : 程美寶 May Bo Ching

CCS Grant


Instituion:St. Antony's College, University of Oxford英國牛津大學聖安東尼學院

Topic:Community and the World Outside: Study of the Rural-Urban Continuum in the Late Qing and Early Republican South China



Instituion:Department of Chinese and History, City University of Hong Kong




Work catalog
Article catalog
  • 程美寶. “台灣公藏有關清末民初廣東研究資料概述”,《漢學研究通訊》,第14卷第4期(1995年12月),第15卷第1期(1996年2月)。
  • 程美寶. 1996. “Literary, Ethnic or Territorial? -- Definitions of Guangdong culture in the Late Qing and the Early Republic”,in Tao Tao Liu and David Faure, Unity and Diversity: Local Cultures and Identities in China , Hong Kong, Hong Kong University Press
  • 程美寶. 1996. “The Place of Vernacular in a National Movement: Cantonese literature in the late Qing and the early Republic”, Alan JK Sanders (ed.) Nationality and Nationalism in East Asia , British Association for Korean Studies
  • 程美寶. “番鬼”學粵語,《東方文化》,1997年第4期
  • 程美寶. 1998. 地域文化與國家認同——晚清以來“廣東文化”觀的形成”,《中國社會科學季刊》(香港),夏季卷,總第23期
  • 程美寶. 1998. “庚子賠款與香港大學的中文教育:二三十年代香港與中英關係的一個側面”,《中山大學學報》
  • 程美寶. 2001. 地域文化與國家認同——晚清以來“廣東文化”觀的形成”,楊念群編:《空間、記憶和社會轉型——“新社會史”研究論文精選集》,上海人民出版社
  • 2012 Chopsticks or cutlery? : how Canton Hong merchants entertained foreign guests in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries
  • 2013 畫出自然 : 18-19世紀廣州口岸的博物繪圖 = Drawing nature : botanical and zoological illustrations in canton from the Late Eighteenth through the Mid-Nineteenth Century / 程美寶[撰]
  • 《源杏翹在鄉下》,容世誠主編:《戲園•紅船•影畫:源氏珍藏“太平戲院文物”研究》,香港:香港文化博物館編製,2015年,第64-71頁
  • “The Flow of Turtle Soup from the Caribbean via Europe to Canton, and Its Modern American Fate”, Gastronomica: The Journal of Critical Food Studies, Vol. 16, No. 1, 2016, pp. 79-89.
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