Center for Chinese Studies Research Grant for Foreign Scholars in Chinese Studies

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Foreign scholars personal information



Year Nationality Name Position Then Topic of Research Plan
India Ayushman Baruah
Department of History, University of Toronto
Qing Empire and the Making of a Himalayan Borderland: Imperial Agents, Maps, and, Geopolitics, 1850-1912
Japan Koji Hirata
University of Cambridge
Mao's Steelworks: Industrial Manchuria and the Making of Chinese Socialism
Sweden Victor Bogren Svensson
Lund University, Centre for Languages and Literature
Korea Songjoo Kim
University of Melbourne
Deforestation in the Early Anthropocene: The Ecological Consciousness of Song Dynasty Literati
Japan Matsuba, Jun
Graduate School of Social Sciences, Hitotsubashi University
Ph. D. Candidate
Japan Wakamatsu, Daisuke
Faculty of Foreign Studies, Tokoha University, Japan
Associate Professor
KINOSHITA Kotora: a Japanese Sinologist and His Time in Taiwan, 1960-1976
Hungary Mervay, Matyas
New York University, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, Department of History
Ph. D. Candidate
Administering Post-Habsburg Refugee Diasporas in Republican China 1912-1949
France Louzon, Victor
Sorbonne Universite
Colonial militarism as experience: the world of a Chinese officer of the Manchukuo Army
Russia Kurdyumov, Vladimir
Moscow City University
Revised Mandarin Grammar with Taiwanese Goyu and Some Min Language Patterns and Rules. Research and Book Project
Poland Wizła-Lin, Katarzyna
Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan
Ph. D. Candidate
The influence of language policies on the status of the Minnan Language in Taiwan and on the Hainan island