In order to create an environment conducive to Chinese studies, enhance research standards in Taiwan and encourage foreign Sinologists to undertake research here, the Center for Chinese Studies (CCS) has made the acquisition of Chinese studies research materials a primary task ever since its inception in 1981. With the extensive holdings of the National Central Library (NCL) as a foundation, the Center has focused its efforts on acquiring Chinese studies research materials from around the world. In 2004, the Center compiled and published Selected Digital Resources in International Chinese Studies to provide digital resources information for scholars domestically and internationally. A revised edition was published in 2007and 2010. In response to the dramatic changes of website resources and online databases, the CCS establishes “Digital Resources in International Chinese Studies” website to provide more up to date information of digital resources on Chinese studies. The system brings together a wealth of digital information of research on Chinese cultural studies and humanities. Access to some of the websites and databases may need authorization, subscription, or registration. All resources are arranged into twelve major categories of “General”, “Ancient Books”, “Society/Ethnology”, “Philosophy/Religion”, History/Geography”, “Historical Documents”, “Biography/Genealogy”, “Antiquities & Archeology”, “Language/Literature”, “Arts”, “Science & Technology”, and “Chinese Medicine”. To increase the convenience of the vast information available through searches, the system provides keyword searching, and browsing capabilities. Recommendations of related online resources are highly appreciated.