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Cross-Database Search 

Simultaneously search multiple databases at the Center for Chinese Studies. Select from our various databases using the checkboxes (below) and search by full text, title, author, or publication.

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漢學研究通訊電子報(Open a new window)
Chinese Studies(Open a new window)
Newsletter for Research in Chinese Studies(Open a new window)
National Central Library(Open a new window)
Research Grant for Foreign Scholars in Chinese Studies(Open a new window)
Taiwan Fellowships(Open a new window)
CCS Scholars Worldwide(Open a new window)
Taiwan Fellowships and Scholarships(Open a new window)
Promoting Chinese Studies Abroad(Open a new window)
Taiwan Resource Center(Open a new window)
文史哲趨勢分析系統(Open a new window)
國家圖書館投審稿系統(Open a new window)

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