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Organization and Mission


1. The Steering Committee:
    The steering committee is composed of 13-17 scholars selected by the head of the Ministry of Education. This committee, whose members each serve for two years, is responsible for formulating Center policy and overseeing its various projects.

2. Administration:
    The Center is managed by a director and vice director, with the head of the National Central Library serving in the director's position. Below them are the Materials Division and the Liaison Division. The former is responsible for the collection and provision of Chinese studies resources, and the latter for administration, publishing and liaison.




    The Center's mission is to promote Chinese studies, encourage cooperation and exchange among Sinologists in Taiwan and abroad, and provide research services. The Center's activities can be divided into the following categories:

1.Collection of Chinese studies resources

2.Provision of reference and research services

3.Coverage of Chinese studies trends

4.Compilation of bibliographies

5.Promotion of research projects

6.Publication of Sinological works

7.Compilation of information on Sinologists

8.Provision of grants for Sinological research in Taiwan

9.Holding of academic activities


Center for Chinese Sudies, Organization and Mission