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NCL Holds Taiwan Lectures on Chinese Studies in Italy

The National Central Library followed the establishment of Taiwan Academy and Taiwan Resource Center for Chinese Studies by planning and holding the Taiwan Lectures on Chinese Studies. By holding such academic events overseas, it is hoped that Taiwan Academy can capture the international community’s attention, invigorate Taiwan and Chinese Studies research, and boost international research exchanges. This will help deepen Taiwan Academy’s relationships with the international sinology community and East Asian libraries, and enhance the brand of Taiwan’s Chinese culture it promotes. The Taiwan Lectures on Chinese Studies kicked off in 2011 at the three Taiwan Academy locations. From 2012 it entered U.S. and Europe university campuses and public library to extend its cultural influence, becoming a weapon of Taiwanese culture’s soft power.

National Central Library invites Prof. Chiung-yun Evelyn Liu, the Associate Research Fellow, Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy, Academia Sinica, to deliver first two sessions of Taiwan Lectures on Chinese Studies in 2019.


Session 1

DateMay 7, 09:00-10:15

VenueEx Magazzini Frigoriferi, Aula 2, Università Ca' Foscari Venezia

TopicLoyalty in Print: Forming and Transforming Moral Paragon in Rijigushi (Stories of the Past to be Remembered Daily).


Session 2

DateMay 9, 15:00-17:00

Venue3F, Marco Polo building, Sapienza Università di Roma

TopicWhen Fantastic Narrative Encounters Empirical Knowledge: Imagining the World in The Record of Eunuch Sanbao's Voyage to the Western Ocean.
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