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On October 14, 2011, in step with ROC government policy to promote Taiwan’s Chinese culture around the world, branches of Taiwan Academy were formally opened in New York, Houston, and Los Angeles. Resource Points set up by the National Central Library simultaneously opened in each of the three locations. The most highly regarded Taiwan and Chinese Studies research published in Taiwan during the last ten years in the form of books, DVDs, digital archives, and internet resources is on display at each Resource Point. The collection runs to 700 volumes spanning six subject areas, namely Art, History and Geography, Language and Literature, Philosophy and Thought, Religion, and Politics and Society. Books are imprinted with a special logo and carry a different color label according their subject area.

The overall design concept for the Resource Points was to create a scholarly atmosphere, with the layout varying according to the available space in each location. The Resource Points were set up so that overseas researchers can find out more about Taiwan’s Chinese Studies resources and research through books and via the internet, as a result increasing the international visibility of Taiwan’s top government and private publications and helping to further propagate Taiwan’s research resources.

Instructions for Using Resources

1.     Resource Points provide overseas readers with reference resources for Taiwan Studies and Chinese Studies research with the goal of promoting Taiwan's Chinese Culture.

2.     Books at Resource Points are displayed on open shelves, but may not be taken off the premises without permission. Those wishing to borrow books should apply one month in advance. Books may be borrowed for a maximum of three months. Those wishing to extend this period should apply in writing one month before the end of the loan period.

3.     Books displayed at Resource Points do not carry catalogue numbers. Instead they have been given color labels and arranged according to subject area. Resource points provide a searchable book list.


Establish Time
Culture Center of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles,USA
Culture Center of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Houston , USA