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Gateways to the World: International Series of Taiwan Literature Online Workshops  


More info and Registration:




Date & Time


University of Canterbury

Registration URL

Chia-rong Wu

Badai (Er-lang Lin)

Taiwan: 5/11 10:00-12:00


New Zealand: 5/11 14:00-16:00

Family in the NorthA Survey of Indigenous Taiwanese Culture and Literature

University of California, San Diego (Taiwan Studies Center)

Registration URL

Ping-hui Liao


Yao-chang Chen

USASan Diego:5/12


Taiwan :5/13

The Rover Incident Revisited: History and Ethnicity

Royal Holloway, University of London (Bedford Centre)

Weipin Tsai

Li Ang (Shih Shu-tuan)

Taiwan: 5/24 20:00-21:30


UK: 5/24 13:00-14:30

Are We Free From Sex & Gender?

Korea University

Registration URL

Zang Dongchion

Gan Yao-ming

Taiwan: 6/9 14:00-15:30


Korea: 6/9 15:00-16:30

History of Taiwan, Humanity of Nature, and Literary World of Mine

Trier University

Christian Soffel

Wu Sheng





Germany: 6/24

Return to Rural Hometowns: Lyrical Poetry

Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman

Liau Ping-leng

Syaman Rapongan

Taiwan & Malaysia: 8/13 14:00-15:30

We Live on Different Planets

Nanyang Technological University Text and Image Studies Society

Registration URL

I Lo-fen (Nanyang Technological University)

Liu Ka-shiang

Taiwan & Singapore: 8/28 19:30-21:00

Gifting: From Natural Trails to Cities

Yokohama National University

Registration URL


Lai Hsiang-yin

Taiwan: 9/10 14:00-16:00


Japan: 9/10 15:00-17:00

What does Freedom mean to Post-Martial Law Taiwan Literature

OrganizersAssociation for Taiwan Literature(臺灣文學學會)、Center for Chinese Studies of National Central Library(國家圖書館漢學研究中心)




Korea University

Nanyang Technological UniversityText and Image Studies Society

Royal Holloway, University of London (Bedford Centre)

Trier University

Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman

University of California, San Diego (Taiwan Studies Center)

University of Canterbury

Yokohama National University


SponsorTsao Yung-ho Cultural and Educational Foundation(財團法人曹永和文教基金會) 


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