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Announcement for the Paper Presenters of Gendering Transformatio-ns Feminist Knowledge Production and Transnational Activist Enga-gement  

Dear paper presenters:


For your information, we have reached a difficult decision that the Gendering Transformations Conference will go fully virtually without any physical attendance. Although the pandemic of COVID-19 in Taiwan is rather controlled lately, there are still many restrictions for indoor activity in Taipei. And we certainly could not loosen up ourselves and take it lightly. Now we plan to proceed with the Conference from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM (Copenhagen time), which is 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM in Taipei time from October 28-31. If you have a second thought not to participate in this virtual Conference, please kindly inform us before August 27. We should also remind you that the deadline for your submission of the following one: full paper, longer abstract (exceeding 800 words) or PPT is September 30.


Before the official four half-day Conference, there will be an online roundtable discussion on “Women’s Engagements with the Covid-19 Pandemic” as a warm-up activity on October 15 for the general public of the inaugural event. We would like to invite you to join this roundtable discussion on how women or feminist activist groups from the Nordic countries and Taiwan engage with the pandemic. Please wait for the official announcement of this roundtable discussion and the formal Conference agenda next month. Welcome to the digital brand new world!


Best regards,


Conference Committee

Gendering Transformations: Feminist Knowledge Production and Trans/national Activist Engagement


Contact Person: Dr. Yi-chun YEH 葉毅均


Editor, Liaison Division, Center for Chinese Studies, National Central Library

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