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Foreign Scholars Workshop 外籍學人圖書館資源利用課程  
本次課程特邀行政院主計總處高志祥專門委員以英文講授「政府統計資料簡介」(Taiwan's Government Statistics and Where to Find Them)。 課程將於 Google meet 以線上方式進行,
課程語言: 英語
(請提供正確Email,會議前一日會發送 Google meet會議連結)
課程聯絡人:國家圖書館漢學中心 方小姐
聯絡電話 02-23619132 ext. 318
For the convenience and to better acquaint foreign scholars with research materials in Taiwan, Center for Chinese Studies/ National Central Library, Taiwan(R.O.C) organized a series of Foreign Scholars Workshop Curriculum guiding through the research equipment and facility in Taiwan.
On June 23rd, we hold the online course and invite Senior Executive Officer from Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics, Mr. Ji-Shiang Gau as lecturer, to deliver "Taiwan's Government Statistics and Where to Find Them"
Conferencing platform Google Meet
Working language: English
Time: 10:00-12:00AM (GMT+8), Wednesday, June 23rd
Paticipants: Foreign scholars (including doctoral students)
Link for attending the course: (the course link will be sent Google meet Link via email)
Contact: Ms. Fang(Center for Chinese Studies) :

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