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Measures for New Coronavirus (COVID-19) Prevention of NCL  

As the spread of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) becomes increasingly severe, the National Central Library (NCL) will enhance its epidemic prevention measures. Comprehensive body temperature measurements and disinfection with alcohol are mandatory from March 10th.

The main entrance of the library, entrances of the reading room (B1) and parking lot (B2) will remain open, while the entrances of the Art & Culture Center in B1 and 1F will be closed temporarily. 
The traffic flow is adjusted as follows:
1) The main entrance of the library: The entrance is for patrons who search for information, go to conference venues of Art & Culture Center, the Scholastic Bookstore, or the Psalms Café, etc. 
2) The Study Room(B1): Patrons are asked to test their body temperature when entering. The original newspaper area at the Art & Culture Center(B1) has been moved to the dining area (the room next to 7-Eleven convenience store) temporarily. 
3) The parking lot(B2): Patrons who enter into the parking lot are asked to test their body temperature as well. Those with normal body temperature will be given a sticker of the day (with different color each day) as a health identification

Last Update Time:2020-03-20

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