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時間:201644日(週一) 下午3:30-5:30

講題:中國中古的性別、身體與醫療:從一組雕像說起(Gender and Medicine in Medieval China: Reflections on a Set of Sculptures


地點:East Asia Library, Gowen Hall, University of Washington, Seattle, WA98195, U.S.A.



The relationship between gender and medicine in China has attracted historians’ attention for decades. Fruitful researches contribute to our understanding of women’s role in the development of medical sciences. Earlier researches focus mostly on the late imperial period, after the establishment of Chinese gynecology in the 13th century. Recent studies extend our knowledge back to the gendered body view emerging since the 5th century. Utilizing textual as well as visual materials, this talk examines women’s participation in healthcare, both as patients and as healers. In particular, reflections upon a set of sculptures depicting a childbirth scene will enhance our imagination of the gender division of labor in both medical and medieval history.








講題:《紅樓夢》新視角──被遮蔽的中國傳統貴族文化(A New Perspective on Dream of The Red Chamber : The Concealed Aristocratic Culture of Traditional China


地點:Scholars Commons, Perry-Castañeda Library (PCL), University of Texas at Austin, U.S.A.



Dream of the Red Chamber is an aristocratic novel unique in Chinese literature. As a narrative about several aristocratic families by an author of noble birth, naturally the hierarchies of aristocracy should be an essential frame of reference for understanding Dream of the Red Chamber. But for over a century the novel has been interpreted from a non-aristocratic or sometimes even an anti-aristocratic perspective. This has happened for several reasons: chief among them, and perhaps the most important one nowadays, is simply that misunderstandings of the text have arisen due to the huge and fundamental cultural upheavals of the past century of Chinese history. After over a century of rich and wonderful readings of Dream of the Red Chamber, I propose we attempt to rediscover the sense of those people and events against an aristocratic background, or rather, in the original text and context of the novel. This perspective may give rise to a new understanding of this great novel.









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