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Presentations of MOFA Taiwan Fellowship Scholars

時間:20141216日(星期二)               地點:國家圖書館簡報室Time: Tuesday, December 16, 2014          Place: Briefing Room 129, National

                                      Central Library, Taipei


12:00-12:30     報到



12:30-12:40     主席致詞:外交部研究設計會 介文汲主任

            Opening Remarks: Mr. Wen Chieh Jieh, Director General, Department

            of Policy Planning, Ministry of Foreign Affairs


12:40-13:00     講題:女性代表在臺灣內閣(或行政院)的角色分析

            Topic: Analysis of the Role of Women's Representation in the Cabinet,

            or Executive Yuan

            主講人:美國紐約市立大學榮譽教授Joyce Gelb博士

            Speaker: Dr. Joyce Gelb, Emerita Professor of City University of New York, USA


13:00-13:20     講題:埃及與東亞國家雙邊貿易之分析

            Topic: An Analysis of Bilateral Trade between Egypt and East Asian    Countries

            主講人:埃及工業與外貿部資深研究員暨貿易促進總經理Hossam Younes Abd Al Aziz Younes博士

            Speaker: Dr. Hossam Younes Abd Al Aziz Younes, Senior Researcher     & General Manager of Trade Facilitation, Ministry of Industry & Foreign Trade, Egypt


13:20-13:40    講題:兩岸經濟交往與東亞區域化:經濟學與理論模式vs.政治與社會現實

            Topic: Cross-Strait Economic Engagementand East Asia  Regionalization: Economic and Theoretical Rationale versus Political and Social Realities



            Speaker: Dr. Winnie King, Assistant Professor, University of Bristol,     United Kingdom 

13:40-14:00     講題:兩岸學術外交:近期發展與潛在衝擊之評估

            Topic: Cross-Strait Academic Diplomacy: An Assessment of Recent  Developments and Potential Impacts


            Speaker: Dr. Alice Ekman, Research Fellow, Institut Francais des Relations International (IFRI), France

14:00-14:30     討論

            Q & A




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