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Foreign Scholars Workshop 
National Central Library organized a series of Foreign Scholars Workshop Curriculum. Starting from May to October, this Workshop Curriculum based on different topics to guide the visiting scholars through the research equipment and facility of our National Central Library. This workshop series aims at promoting academic exchange and better acquaint with research materials in Taiwan, and we open to all the foreign scholars from academic institutions and universities in Taiwan. More
Announcement of the Research Grant for Foreign Scholars Program 
Application deadline for this year is May 31, Due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), overseas mails may not reach Taiwan in a timely manner. Please send the signed letter of recommendation in PDF format to ccsgrant@ncl.edu.tw .More
Large gatherings during Coronavirus pandemic; Please avoid any nonessential travel abroad 
The CECC has announced that the travel notice for all countries will now be raised to Level 3: Warning, effective 00:00 Taipei Standard Time (GMT+8) on March 21. The CECC emphasizes that citizens should avoid any nonessential travel abroad and all inbound travelers will be subject to a 14-day home quarantine upon arrival in Taiwan. A kind reminder, during home quarantine, leaving your accommodation will result in a fine up to NT$1,000,000 (US$33,063).More
NCL’s “Document Delivery Service” 
NCL’s new “Document Delivery Service” during epidemic prevention period. The NCL provides new “Document Delivery Service (DDS)” during the epidemic prevention period. From now on until the end of May, the general public and visiting scholars can make DDS requests online, and the NCL will have the requested document delivered to your address. More
Measures for New Coronavirus (COVID-19) Prevention of NCL 
As the spread of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) becomes increasingly severe, the National Central Library (NCL) will enhance its epidemic prevention measures. Comprehensive body temperature measurements and disinfection with alcohol are mandatory from March 10th. More


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