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Sarah J. Babcock 白慧學
Sex:Female 女
Nationality:USA 美國
Sarah J. Babcock 
CCS Grant


Instituion: University of California, Santa Barbara
Topic: "A Monk’s Miscellany: The Convergence of Song Dynasty Literati Culture and Chan Buddhism in Juefan Huihong’s Nighttime Chats in Chilly Studio"

Instituion: East Asian Language and Cultural Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
Homepage: Sarah J. Babcock

Article catalog
  • “My Hometown Grows Up” (Translation of contemporary Taiwanese short story) Published in Journal of Taiwan Literature: English Translation Series, 21 (July 2007): 95-104
Sarah J. Babcock (白慧學女士)、李貞慧教授
Sarah J. Babcock (白慧學女士)、李貞慧教授
Sarah J. Babcock (白慧學女士)、李貞慧教授