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Clark L. Alejandrino 蔡瀚霖
Sex:Male 男
Nationality:Philippines 菲律賓
Clark L. Alejandrino 
CCS Grant


Instituion: Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA
Topic: Storm Clouds over China: Typhoons and Society in Late Imperial and Modern China

Instituion: Trinity College

Work catalog
  • History of the 1902 Exclusion Act: American Colonial Transmission and the Deterioration of Filipino-Chinese Relations. Manila: Kaisa, 2003. 60 pages.
Article catalog
  • “The Population History of the Chinese in the Philippines: An Evaluative Historiography.” Philippine Population Review (Special Issue on Philippine Historical Demography, Guest Editor: Peter Xenos), Vol. 9, Number 1(December 2010), 85-108. (Refereed)
  • “History of the 1902 Exclusion Act.” In More Tsinoy Than We Admit, edited by Richard T. Chu, 261-300. Manila: Vibal, 2015.
Clark L. Alejandrino (蔡瀚霖先生)、劉士永教授
Clark L. Alejandrino (蔡瀚霖先生)、劉士永教授
Clark L. Alejandrino (蔡瀚霖先生)、劉士永教授