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Grano, Simona  高喜明
Sex:Female 女
Nationality:Switzerland 瑞士
Grano, Simona  
CCS Grant


Instituion: Institute of East Asian Studies, Department of Chinese Studies, Zurich University, Switzerland
Topic: Environmental Governance in Taiwan
specialty: 臺灣政治

Instituion: Institute of East Asian Studies, Department of Chinese Studies, Zurich University, Switzerland
specialty: 中國當代社會
Homepage: Universität Zürich

Work catalog
  • Simona Grano.2015.Environmental Governance in Taiwan: A New Generation of Activists and Stakeholders.London:Routledge Press.
Article catalog
  • Grano, Simona Alba 2010. “The role of Non Governmental Organizations in national and international politics: differences and similarities between Chinese and other countries’ organizations” (submitted to the Journal of Civil Society).
  • Grano, Simona Alba 2010. “Attivismo verde: un’analisi dell’organizzazione ambientalista nella Cina di oggi” [Green Activism: an analysis of the organizational structure of green movements in contemporary China]” in Germogli di Società Civile in Cina [Buds of democracy in China], Francesco Brioschi (ed.). Pp. 159-170.
  • Grano, Simona Alba 2009. “Cronaca di un dramma silenzioso [Cronicle of a silent drama: how Chinese farmers are trying to save their lands]”. Annali di Ca’ Foscari XLVII, 3 (s. or. 39): 169-197.
  • Grano, Simona Alba 2008. “China’s Environmental Crisis: Why Should We Care?” LUND Ed. Centre for East and South-East Asian Studies. Working Paper 28.
  • Grano, Simona Alba 2008. “Legge sui diritti reali: Cina e Italia, due realtà a confronto [Law on real rights: Chinese and Italian situation compared]”. Mondo Cinese n. 134 (Jan-Mar): 34-45.
  • Grano, Simona Alba 2007. “Lo spinoso problema della proprietà della terra in Cina [The crucial issue of land property in China]”. Mondo Cinese n. 130 (Jan-Mar): 27-42.
  • Grano, Simona Alba 2006. “Ambiente e Risorse Energetiche in Cina [Environment and Energy Resources in China]”. In Magda Abbiati (eds.). Propizio è intraprendere imprese [The reward of setting up an enterprise]. Venezia: Libreria Editrice Ca’Foscarina. Pp. 135-146.
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  • Grano, Simona Alba (2012) Failure and Successes of the Environmental Movement in Taiwan: Guo Guang Shihua vs. Taipei Dome. Submitted to Environmental Practice.
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