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Anna Shields 田安
Nationality:USA 美國
CCS Grant


Instituion: Princeton University
Topic: Research into Yuan-Qing Editions of Tang Anecdote Collections for New Book, _Writing the Tang_

Instituion: Department of East Asian Studies, Princeton University

Work catalog
Article catalog
  • “Grieving for a Married Daughter and a Grandson: Quan Deyu (759-818), ‘Funerary Inscription for [My] Daughter the Late Mrs. Dugu’ and ‘Funerary Inscription for My Grandson Who Died Young, Ceremonial Groom in the Livery Service of the Heir Apparent,’” in Diverse Lives, Ambivalent Memories: An Anthology of Chinese Funerary Biographies, ed. Patricia Ebrey, Ping Yao, and Ellen Cong Zhang, University of Washington Press, 2019..
  • "Creating Authors: Biographies of Tang Writers in the New Tang History (Xin Tang shu 新唐書),” in Rethinking Authorship in Comparative and Historical Perspectives: Transmission, Ownership, and Collectivity, forthcoming in Japanese translation from Iwanami Shoten, 2019; and English version currently under consideration at Columbia University Press.
  • “Chapter 12: Tang and Song Prefaces and Epistolary Writing,” in How to Read Classical Chinese Prose, ed. Zong-qi Cai, Columbia University Press, forthcoming 2019.
  • “Past Present; or, Learning Chinese,” chapter in the volume Unexpected Harvests: How Chinese Changed My Career and My Life, edited by C. P. Chou and Perry Link, Chinese University Press of Hong Kong, forthcoming April 2019.
  • “Classicisms in Sui and Tang China,” in the Oxford Handbook of Classical Chinese Literature, ed. Wiebke Dienecke, Xiaofei Tian, and Wai-yee Li (Oxford: Oxford University Press: 2017). Pp. 387-397.
  • “The Inscription of Emotion in Mid-Tang Collegial Letters,” in A History of Chinese Letters and Epistolary Culture, ed. Antje Richter. Leiden: Brill, 2015. Pp. 675-720.
  • “Alternate Views of Literary History: A Study of the Yuanhe Reign Period in Tang and Five Dynasties Anecdotal Texts,” in Idle Talk: Anecdote and Gossip in Traditional China, ed. Jack Chen and David Schaberg. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2014. Pp. 107-131.
  • “Avatars of Li Bai: On the Production of Tang Poetry and Tang Poets during the Northern Song Dynasty,” Hsiang Lectures on Chinese Poetry 8, 2019.
  • “The Shock of the Old: Locating Innovation in Ancient Traditions,” in the “Kitabkhana on Innovations and Turning Points: Towards a History of Kavya Literature,” ed. Sheldon Pollock, in Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East 38.1 (2018): 149-154.
  • “The ‘Supplementary’ Historian? Li Zhao’s Guo shi bu 國史補 as Mid-Tang Political and Social Critique,” T’oung Pao, 103: 4-5 (2017): 407-447.
  • “Defining the Finest: A Northern Song View of Tang Dynasty Literary Culture in the Wen cui,” Journal of Chinese Literature and Culture (special issue on the Song dynasty) 4:2 (2017): 306-336.
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  • “Words for the Dead and the Living: Innovations in the Mid-Tang Prayer Text (jiwen 祭文),” invited submission for the twenty-fifth anniversary issue of T’ang Studies 25 (dated 2007; published March 2009): 111-45.
  • “The Limits of Knowledge: Three Han Yu Letters to Friends, 799-802,” T’ang Studies 22 (dated 2004; published 2007): 41-80.
  • “Remembering When: The Uses of Nostalgia in the Poetry of Bai Juyi and Yuan Zhen,” Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies 66.2 (December 2006): 321-361.
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  • “Gathering the ‘Flowers’ of Poetry and Song: An Analysis of Three Anthologies from the late Tang and Shu,” T’ang Studies 15 (1997-98; published 2000): 1-39.