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Helena F. S. Lopes 羅愛蓮
Nationality:Portugal 葡萄牙
CCS Grant


Instituion: University of Oxford
Topic: Sino-Portuguese Relations during the Early Cold War Period

Instituion: Department of History, University of Oxford
Homepage: 牛津大學歷史系

Article catalog
  • War, State-Building, and International Connections in Nationalist China
  • ‘War, State-Building, and International Connections in Nationalist China’, Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society 29/1 (2019), pp. 169-178
  • ‘Inter-imperial Humanitarianism: The Macau Delegation of the Portuguese Red Cross during the Second World War’, The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History 46/6 (2018), pp. 1125-1147
  • ‘Sucessos e Incertezas: O Papel da Ajuda Médica nas Relações entre Taiwan e São Tomé e Príncipe’ [Successes and Doubts: The Role of Medical Aid in Taiwan and São Tomé and Príncipe Bilateral Relations], Relações Internacionais [International Relations] 37 (Mar. 2013), pp. 99-113
  • ‘Entre Impérios: Prisioneiros Portugueses na Segunda Guerra Mundial na Ásia de Leste’ [In Between Empires: Portuguese Prisoners in the Second World War in East Asia], in P.A. Oliveira (ed), Prisioneiros de Guerras: Experiências de Cativeiro no Século XX [Prisoners of Wars: Captivity Experiences in the 20th Century]. Lisbon: Tinta-da-China, 2019, pp. 201-222
  • ‘Historiografia Portuguesa sobre as Relações Luso-Chinesas nos Últimos Vinte Anos (1992- 2012)’ [Portuguese Historiography on Sino-Portuguese Relations in the Last Twenty Years (1992-2012)], Oriente 22 (June 2013), pp. 6-29
  • ‘Migrantes no Cruzamento do Mundo e os seus Futuros Imaginados’ [Migrants at the Crossroads of the World and Their Imagined Futures], review of Michael Goebel, AntiImperial Metropolis: Interwar Paris and the Seeds of Third World Nationalism, Relações Internacionais 51 (Sept. 2016), pp. 139-145
  • ‘Lingering Suffering,’ review of Diana Lary, China’s Civil War: A Social History, 1945-1949, The Oxonian Review issue 20.3 (Nov. 2015)
  • ‘Rumo ao Dia que Mudou a Guerra’ [Towards the Day that Changed the War], review of Eri Hotta, Japan 1941: Countdown to Infamy, Relações Internacionais 45 (Mar. 2015), pp. 137-143
  • ‘There Will be Blood,’ film review of A Touch of Sin (dir. Jia Zhangke), The Oxonian Review (June 2014)
  • • ‘Oportunismo e Salvação’ [Opportunism and Salvation], review of Gao Bei, Shanghai Sanctuary: Chinese and Japanese Policy toward European Jewish Refugees during World War II, Relações Internacionais 40 (Dec. 2013), pp. 225-229