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James Morris HARGETT 何瞻
Sex:Male 男
Nationality:USA 美國
James Morris HARGETT 
CCS Grant


Instituion: Department of East Asian Studies, University at Albany, State University of New York, USA
Topic: History of Travel Literature in Imperial China

Homepage: James Morris HARGETT

Work catalog
  • 2010. Treatises of the Supervisor and Guardian of the Cinnamon Sea: The Natural World and Material Culture of 12 th Century South China. Seattle: University of Washington Press.
  • 2008. Riding the River Home: A Complete and Annotated Translation of Fan Chengda’s 范成大 (1126- 1193) Diary of a Boat Trip to Wu (Wuchuan lu 呉船錄). Hong Kong: The Chinese University Press.
  • 2006: Stairway to Heaven: A Journey to the Summit of Mount Emei. Albany, New York: SUNY Press.
  • 2000: China Scene: A Multimedia Course in Chinese Culture and Society (co-written with Honggang Jin and Debao Xu). Boston: Cheng and Tsui.
  • 1989 On the Road in Twelfth Century China: The Travel Diaries of Fan Chengda. Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag.
Article catalog
  • 2014:“重新评估徐霞客在中国古代文学史上的地位” (“Xu Xiake and His Place in the History of Traditional Chinese Travel Literature: A Reassessment”), Xu Xiake yanjiu 徐霞客研究 28 (2014): 23-35 (in Chinese).
  • 2013: “會稽: Guaiji? Guiji? Huiji? Kuaiji? Some Remarks on an Ancient Chinese Place-Name.” Sino- Platonic Papers 237 (April 2013): 1-29.
  • 2010 “Fan Chengda’s (1126-1193) Meipu: A Twelfth Century Treatise on Mei-Flowers.” Monumenta Serica 58 (2010): 109-51.
  • 2004 “Su Shi (1037-1101) and Mount Lu.” Journeys 5.1 (2004): 4-22. “Historiography in Southern Sung Dynasty (1127-1279) Local Gazetteers,” in The New and the Multiple: Sung Senses of the Past, edited by Thomas H. C. Lee. Hong Kong: The Chinese University Press, 2004, 287-306.
  • 2000: “Clearing the Apertures and Getting in Tune: The Hainan Exile of Su Shi (1037-1101).” Journal of Sung-Yuan Studies 30 (2000): 141-67.
  • 1996 “Song Dynasty (9601279) Local Gazetteers and Their Place in the History of Difangzhi Writing.” Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies 56.7 (Dec. 1996): 405-42.
  • “Li Bo (701762) and Mount Emei.” Cahiers d’ExtremeAsie 8 (1995): 67-85.
  • “Songdai de difangzhi he zhixue zhi dao” 宋代的地方志和治学之道 (“Local Gazetteers and the Way of Learning in the Song Dynasty”). In Xu Gui jiaoshou congshi jiaoxue keyan gongzuo wushi zhounian jinian wenji (Hangzhou: Hangzhou daxue chubanshe, 1995), 50-66 (in Chinese).
  • “Where are the MothEyebrows? On the Origin of the Toponym ‘Emeishan’.” Hanhsüeh yenchiu 12.1 (June 1994): 335348.
  • “Chen Yuyi (10901139).” Journal of SungYuan Studies 23 (1993): 11022.
  • “The Travel Records (Yuchi) of Su Shih (10371101).” Hanhsueh yenchiu 8.2 (Dec. 1990): 369396.
  • “Huizong’s Magic Marchmount: The Genyue Pleasure Park of Kaifeng.” Monumenta Serica 38 (Fall, 1990): 149.
  • “Playing Second Fiddle: The LuanBird in Early and Medieval Chinese Literature.” T’oung Pao 75 (1989): 23562.
  • “Tensions of Tang and Song Influence in the Poetry of Chen Yuyi (10901139).” In Kinugawa Tsuyoshi, ed., Collected Studies on Sung History Dedicated to Professor James T. C. Liu in Celebration of His Seventieth Birthday. Kyoto: Dohosha, 1989, 42951.
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