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Qing CAO 曹青
Sex:Male 男
Nationality:UK 英國
Qing CAO 
CCS Grant


Instituion: School of Modern Languages and Cultures, Durham University, UK
Topic: The Language of Radicalism in Late Qing China: A Corpus-based Critical Discourse Analysis of the Great Press Debate between Minbao and Xinmin Congbao, 1906-1907

Homepage: Qing Cao

Work catalog
  • 2014 China under Western Gaze: Representing China in the British Television Documentaries, 1980-2000, World Scientific, 242 pp.
  • China’s Image in the Age of Globalization, Nankai University Press, 2013
Article catalog
  • Modernity and Media Portrayals of China Journal of Asian Pacific Communication, 22(1) 1-21, 2012
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  • The Language of Soft Power: Mediating Socio-political Meanings in the Chinese Media, Critical Arts: South-North Cultural and Media Studies 25(1) 7-24, 2011
  • Narrative as Discourse: Toward an Analytical Model for the Study of Western Representation of the ‘Other’, China Media Research 7(2) 6-16, 2011
  • Reporting China: Perspectives, Patterns and Research Methodology Journal of International Chinese Studies, 1(1) 1-19, 2011
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  • Journalism as Politics: Reporting Hong Kong’s Handover in the Chinese Press Journalism Studies, 1(4) 665-78, 2000
  • Signification of Hong Kong’s Handover: the Case of the British Press Journal of International Communication, 6(2)71-89, 1999
  • Chinese Political Discourse towards the 21st Century: Victimhood, Identity and Political Power (with Neil Renwick) East Asia: An International Quarterly, 17(4)111-143, 1999