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Stephane Laurent 
Sex:Male 男
Nationality:France 法國
CCS Grant


Instituion: Art History, University of ParisⅠPanthéon-Sorbonne
Topic: Culture, Style and Globalism: The Reception of Western Ornament in China and Taiwan
specialty: 中西藝術史、 文化交流

Instituion: Institut national d'Histoire de l'art, University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne,France
specialty: 中西藝術史、 文化交流
Homepage: Stephane Laurent

Work catalog
  • Laurent, Stephane. 2006. “The Musée des arts décoratifs, a stunning grammar of styles from the Middle Age to nowdays.” Dijon, Editions Faton., coll. Dossier de l'art, n° 133.
  • Laurent, Stephane. 2005. Figures de l'ornemen. Massin.
  • Laurent, Stephane. 2004. Editor of Histoire de l'École nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs (1766-1941).
  • Laurent, Stephane. 2000. Bernard Buffet, le peintre crucifié. Michallon.
  • Laurent, Stephane. 1999. Les Arts appliqués en France. Genèse d'un enseignement. Paris: Editions du CTHS.
  • Laurent, Stephane. 1999. Chronologie du design. Paris: Flammarion, coll. "Tout l'Art".
  • Laurent, Stephane. 1998. L'Art utile. Les écoles d'arts appliqués en France (1851-1940). Paris: L'Harmattan.
  • Laurent, Stephane. 1998. Caractéristique des styles. Rubriques and drawings about different styles (Furniture and Interior Design, Architecture): the English styles, the Arts and Crafts Movement, the Art Nouveau Style.
  • Laurent, Stephane. 1998. L'École Boulle. Éditions Gérard Klopp.
  • Laurent, Stephane. La RŽvŽlation de l'apparence : mode et sociŽtŽ. (In progress)
  • Laurent, Stephane. History of Design in France (in English). (In progress)
Article catalog
  • Laurent, Stephane. 2004. “The Art utile or how came design in France.” In Symposium record Art et savoir, de la connaissance à la connivance. Lille University. (In French)
  • Laurent, Stephane. 2003. “The Heritage of public Art in the Metro of Paris.” In Symposium record, 2002 World Metro Symposium. Taipei, Taipei City Government/DRTS. (In English)
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  • Laurent, Stephane. 2001. “Suffering to be Designer.”Venice, in Symposium record Franco Italian Symposium on aesthetics. (In French)
  • Laurent, Stephane. 1999. “Art Nouveau in France and the Education” In Symposium record International Colloquium (François Loyer Editor) Art Nouveau and the Ecole de Nancy. Nancy. (In French)
  • Laurent, Stephane. Entries (Typewriter Valentine by Ettore Sottsass), Achille Castiglioni, Chronology (design) for the Encyclopaedia Universalis. (In French)
  • Laurent, Stephane. 2000. “ Using Curiosity: the Origin of the Museum of Applied Art.” Visio (Canadian magazine). (In French and in English)
  • Laurent, Stephane. 1999. “"Teaching the History of Architecture in the Universities in France : a Survey.” In Symposium record L'enseignement de l'histoire de l'architecture. École d'architecture de Nancy. (In French)
  • Laurent, Stephane. 1997. “Armand Point: a Symbolist Decorative Art.” Revue de l'Art.. (In French)
  • Laurent, Stephane. 1996. “Teaching the Applied Arts to Women at the École Duperré in Paris, 1864-1940.” Studies in the Decorative arts (New York, USA). (In English)
  • Laurent, Stephane. 1996. “Jules Verchère, a Furniture Designer in the 19th Century Faubourg Saint-Antoine.”Revista de Historia da Arte e Arqueologia. Campinas, Brazil. (In French)
  • Laurent, Stephane. 1995. “The "Hôtel des Goncourt and the Aesthetic of the fin de siècle Interiors.”Au Balcon. (In French)
  • Laurent, Stephane. 1995. “ Marius Vachon, a Supporter of the Industrial Arts in 19th Century France.”Histoire de l'art. (In French)
  • Laurent, Stephane. 1995. “An answer hired by style Art deco, railway stations of Louis Brachet, on the line of Sceaux (1932-1938).” In the Acts of symposium Arts et Chemins de fer. (In French).
  • Laurent, Stephane. 2005. “Humanism, technics and Unity of Art : Raoul Dufy's Fée Electricité.” In Symposium record The Chaillot Hill and its palaces, History, Architecture, Urbanism and Decoration. Paris. (In French).