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Sex:Male 男
Nationality:Germany 德國
CCS Grant


Instituion: Centre for Modern East Asian Studies, Göttingen University
Topic: Conservative Critique of and Reflection on Modern Notions of Time and History


Work catalog
  • Wahrheit und Geschichte: Zwei chinesische Historiker auf der Suche nach einer modernen Identität für China [Truth and History: Two Chinese Historians in Search of a Modern Identity for China] (Wiesbaden, Harrassowitz), 1997.Chinese version: 真理與歷史:傅斯年、陳寅恪的史學 思想與民族認同(Beijing: Social Sciences Documentation Publishing House), 2008.
Article catalog
  • "Temporal hierarchies and moral leadership - China′s engagement with modern views of history", in Chris Lorenz and Berber Bevernage (eds.), Breaking up Time. Settling the Borders between the Present, the Past and the Future (Göttingen: Vandenhoek), accepted for publication.
  • "Nation, History and Ethics: The choices of post-imperial Chinese Historiography", in Transforming History: The Making of a Modern Academic Discipline in Twentieth-Century China, ed. by Brian Moloughney and Peter Zarrow (Hong Kong: Chinese University Press, 2012), 271-302.
  • Chinese and Japanese historiography, in Oxford History of Historical Writing Vol. 4 (together with Stefan Tanaka) ed. by Daniel Woolf and Stuart MacIntyre (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011), 491-519.
  • 民族、歷史與倫理:中國史學后帝國時代的選擇, in 新史學 19:2 (Taibei, June 2008), 47-83
  • 調合歷史與民族? –歷史性、民族個别性以及普遍性問題, in 真理與歷史:傅斯年、陳寅恪 的史學思想與民族認同(Beijing: Social Sciences Documentation Publishing House, 2008), 228- 237.
  • 世界歷史與歷史相對主義的問題- 1919年以后梁啟超的史學, in 真理與歷史:傅斯年、陳 寅恪的史學思想與民族認同(Beijing: Social Sciences Documentation Publishing House, 2008), 238-259.
  • "Bridging the Gap: Attempts at Constructing a 'New' Historical-Cultural Identity in the PRC", in East Asian History vol. 22 (December 2001), 129-144.
  • "Reconciling history with the nation? - Historicity, national particularity, and the question of universals", in Asian Nationalism in an Age of Globalization, Ed. Roy Starrs (Curzon, 2001), 223- 233; reprinted in Historiography East and West vol.1 no. 1 (March 2003), 117-136. Chinese version: 調合歷史與民族? - 歷史性、民族個别性以及普遍性問題, in 真理與歷史:傅斯年、 陳寅恪的史學思想與民族認同 (Beijing: Social Sciences Documentation Publishing House, 2008), 228-237.
  • "Between Dao and History: Two Chinese Historians in Search of a Modern Identity for China", in Chinese Historiography In Comparative Perspective, History and Theory, Theme Issue (October 1996), 54-73.