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Year Nationality Name Institution Position Topic of Research Plan Tenure
2019 Australia William Peyton The Australian National University Ph. D. Candidate A Comparative Study of the Translation of English Modernist Novels in Taiwan and Mainland China 2019/8~2019/11
2019 Australia Joshua Sidney Stenberg The University of Sydney, Department of Chinese Studies Assistant Professor Border-Crossing Puppetry: Taiwanese Potehi in Transnational Perspective 2019/11~2019/12
2019 Belgium Nicolas Standaert Catholic University of Louvain Professor An Intercultural Communication Circuit of Books between China and Europe in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries: The Establishment of In-Between Textual Communities 2019/7~2019/8
2019 Canada Weiting Guo Simon Fraser University, Canada Assistant Professor Justice for the Empire: Summary Execution and the Legal Culture in Qing China 2019/6~2019/8
2019 France Maud M'Bondjo East Asian Civilisations Research Centre (CRCAO) Associate Researcher New Confucianism and Modernities: Cross-dynamics of Philosophical Ideas and Political Interpretations in Contemporary Taiwan 2019/5~2019/10
2019 Germany Stefan Kramer University of Cologne, Germany Professor 2019/7~2019/8
2019 Israel Shakhar Rahav University of Haifa, Israel Assistant Professor Constructing Utopias: Chinese Communal Experiments in Global Context, 1919-1923 2019/8~2019/10
2019 India Priyadarsi Mukherji Jawaharlal Nehru University, India Professor Subhas Chandra Bose and the Indian Freedom Movement in Print-media Reports, Archival Documents, Intelligence Dossiers, and other sources from Republican China on Mainland and post-1949 ROC in Taiwan 2019/5~2019/10
2019 Japan Kuroda Akinobu Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, University of Tokyo Professor Revisiting history of Chinese currencies: from the viewpoint of complementarity among monies 2019/8~2019/12
2019 Japan Naoki Watanabe Musashi University Professor Comparative Research on Proletarian Literature in Colonial Taiwan and Colonial Korea: in relation to Hometown Literature Controversy(鄕土文學論爭) and Art Popularization Controversy(藝術大衆化論爭) in 1930s’ 2019/2~2019/2
2019 Korea Inhye Han Ewha Womans University Associate Researcher Exploiting the Old Empire: Transcolonial Literature and Film in East Asia, 1919-1945 2019/3~2019/8
2019 Korea Kim Hanung Independent Scholar Post-doctoral Research Between Nagas and Dragons: Contested Interactions between Tibetan and Chinese Rainmaking Rituals in Pre-modern Inner Asia 2019/3~2019/8
2019 Korea Kwansoon Ji Department of History, Yonsei University Ph. D. Candidate The Criticism of re-Confucianism(再儒化) during modern and contemporary 2019/7~2019/12
2019 Poland Anna Gryszkiewicz University of Gdansk Ph. D. Candidate Between Memory and Creation. Negotiating National Identity in the Area of Contemporary Dance in Taiwan 2019/9~2019/10
2019 Russia Stanislav Grigoriev Institute of History and Archaeology, Russian Academy of Sciences Professor Comparison of metallurgy of ancient China and Northern Eurasia in the Bronze Age 2019/6~2019/11
2019 Russia Vladimir Kurdyumov Moscow City University Professor Typology and Theory of Chinese Grammar for Students of Taiwan Universities 2019/2~2019/7
2019 Singapore Zhang Songjian Division of Chinese, School of Humanities, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Assistant Professor The Influence of Modern Taiwanese Poetry on Singapore 2019/6~2019/7
2019 UK Andrew Birtwistle Canterbury Christ Church University Associate Professor Taiwan New Wave Cinema and the Sound of Modernity 2019/7~2019/7
2019 UK Chow, Sheryl Man-Ying Princeton University, USA Ph. D. Candidate Music, Science, and Western Learning: Music Theory in Early Qing China 2019/1~2019/6
2019 USA David Atwill Pennsylvania State University Associate Professor The Ascendency of High Asia: Chinese Warlordism, Ethno-territoriality, and Inter-Asian Hegemony , 1900-1950 2019/9~2019/12
2019 USA Jia-Chen Fu Emory University Assistant Professor Anger in a Time of War: Psychology and the Problem of Child Emotional Development in China, 1937-1949 2019/5~2019/7
2019 USA Jeffery McElroy The University of Texas at Austin Ph. D. Candidate Transgressive/local-color Media in Taiwan and Hong Kong 2019/7~2019/12
2019 USA Philip Thai Northeastern University Assistant Professor History of Insurance in Modern China 2019/5~2019/5
2019 USA Ira HUBERT McGill University Ph. D. Candidate Clinging to the Anti-Imperial Mantle: The Republic of China’s Encounter with the Decolonizing World, 1942-1971 2019/9~2019/10
Alternative Candidates
Year Nationality Name Institution Position Topic of Research Plan Tenure
Finland Tero Tähtinen University of Tampere Ph. D. Candidate Empty Mountains, Empty Mind: Buddhist Influences and Manifestations of Silence in the Poetry of Wang Wei
France David Serfass School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences (EHESS) Post-doctoral Research Workers of the Modern State: Administrative Personnel in Republican China (1912-1949)
Japan Naoki Uchiyama, Graduate School of Humanities, Chiba University Professor The position of technological knowledge in learning during Han period
Iran Zahra Karimi Moughari University of Mazandaran, Iran Associate Professor Taiwan Economic and Political Miracle; Lessons for Oil Exporting Countries in the Middle East
Singapore Ying Jia Tan Wesleyan University Assistant Professor Hydrocarbon Bonds: Plastic and the Economic Transformation of Chinese East Asia
Spain Hector Gonzalez Castano Paris Nanterre University Post-doctoral Research Translation and Transcultural Philosophy: A Research on the Spanish Reception of the Zhuangzi
USA Rebecca E. Karl New York University The worlds of Economic Thinking in China's Twentieth Century
USA Hou-mei Sung Cincinnati Art Museum Decoding Chinese Horse Painting