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Year Nationality Name Institution Position Topic of Research Plan Tenure
2018 Australia Haruka Nomura Australian National University Ph. D. Candidate Chinese Visions of World Order, 1860–94 2018/1~2018/6
2018 Czech Republic Iveta Nakladalova Gerda Henkel Stiftung (Germany)/Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (Spain) Post-doctoral Research “Almost a different world: The Early Modern theory of Christian mission in China” 2018/7~2018/12
2018 Germany Leon Nelson Kunz SOAS, University of London Ph. D. Candidate Deliberative Democracy in Social Movements in Taiwan and Hong Kong 2018/1~2018/5
2018 Israel Sharon Sanderovitch University of California, Berkeley Ph. D. Candidate Writing the Imperial Body in Han China 2018/10~2018/12
2018 Japan Reiko Shinno University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Professor Gendering Japanese Sinology: Yanagida Setsuko (1921-2006) as a Scholar-Activist 2018/9~2018/11
2018 Korea Yim Choon-sung the Department of Chinese Language & Culture, the College of Humanities, Mokpo National University Professor The Cultural Identity of Taipei through the Films of Edward Yang 2018/9~2018/12
2018 Republic of Kazakhstan Nurlan Kenzheakhmet Department of History, Philosophy and Religion | School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Nazarbayev University Professor Ming China and the Eurasian Countries in the Fifteenth-Sixteenth Centuries 2018/3~2018/6
2018 Russia Sergei Filonov Amur State University Professor Notion of the Netherworld in Daoism of Division Period (3-6 AD): Case study of the third chapter of Jiu zhen ming ke 九真明科 2018/7~2018/10
2018 UK Rudolph Ng Birkbeck, University of London Assistant Professor Entre Dos Mundos: The History of Chinese Diaspora in Latin America 2018/9~2018/11
2018 USA Judd C. Kinzley Department of History, University of Wisconsin-Madison USA Assistant Professor Foreign Aid to China and the Making of the Cold War Pacific,1944-1949. 2018/7~2018/8
2018 USA Douglas L. Fix History Department , Reed College , USA Professor Transnational Entanglements on the South China Coast: Xiamen's Multinational Communitites,1841-1911. 2018/4~2018/4
2018 USA Hoyt Cleveland Tillman School of International Letters & Cultures, Arizona State University, USA Professor Confucianism in China Today : Taking the World Zhu Family Association as a Case Study. 2018/2~2018/4
2018 USA Gregory M. Seiffert Princeton University, Department of Art and Archaeology Ph. D. Candidate The Album Format in Chinese Painting History 2018/7~2018/12
2018 USA Aaron Kenna Reich University of Wisconsin–Madison Ph. D. Candidate Shaping the Heavens: Local Artisans and the Making of Daoist Visual Culture in Contemporary Taiwan 2018/4~2018/7
2018 USA Jessica Ann Marinaccio Pacific Studies, Victoria University of Wellington. New Zealand Ph. D. Candidate Narratives of Image and Identity : Performative Cultural Diplomacy between Taiwan and Tuvalu. 2018/1~2018/3
2018 France Kerfant Céline University Rovira i Virgili Ph. D. Candidate A comparative study of craft traditions in the Batanes Islands, Philippines and the Lanyu Island, Taiwan 2018/2~2018/7
2018 Russia Marina Kuznetsova-Fetisova Institute of Oriental studies, Russian Academy of sciences Ph. D. Candidate Reciprocal influence of crafts in late Shang capital (XIV-XI cent. BC) 2018/5~2018/9
2018 USA J. Michael Farmer University of Texas at Dallas Associate Professor South of Mount Hua: An Annotated Translation and Study of Huayang guo zhi [Records of the States South of Mount Hua] 2018/9~2018/11
2018 Vietnam Dinh Thi Hong Thu Chinese Language and Culture Department University of Languages and International Studies Vietnam National University, Hanoi Post-doctoral Research Studying Foreign Language Testing at Taiwan University to Promote Foreign Language Teaching and Testing in Vietnam University 2018/7~2018/12
2018 Germany Guggenmos Esther-Maria Institute for Near Eastern and East Asian Languages and Civilizations, University Erlangen-Nuremberg Professor Buddhism and Prediction – On the Zhancha Shan’e Yebao Jing 占察善惡業報經 and its Cultural Transmission 2018/9~2018/11
Alternative Candidates
Year Nationality Name Institution Position Topic of Research Plan Tenure
2018 Canada Joshua Sidney Stenberg Department of Chinese Studies, University of Sydney Assistant Professor Border-Crossing Puppets: Taiwanese Potehi as a Transnational Form
2018 Finland Tero Tähtinen University of Tampere Ph. D. Candidate Empty Mountains, Empty Mind: Buddhist Influences and Manifestations of Silence in the Poetry of Wang Wei
2018 France Maud M'bondjo Centre de Recherches sur les Civilisations de l'Asie Orientale (CRCAO) and IKGF Associate Researcher 新儒家與現代性 : 台灣哲學思想與政治解釋的動態
2018 Indonesia Ahmad Safril Mubah Center for ASEAN Studies. Airlangga University, Indonesia. Associate Researcher Taiwan 's Soft Power as a Tool of Public Diplomacy: Case of Taiwan's Academic Exchange with Indonesia under the New Southbound Policy.
2018 Israel Ernest Kozin Tel-Aviv University Ph. D. Candidate Religious and Martial Practice in Late-Imperial and Contemporary China
2018 Italy Giulia Falato Institute of Oriental Studies, Sapienza University of Rome Italy Ph. D. Candidate The Introduction of Western Learning and Western Pedagogical thought into Late Ming China Alfonso Vagnone S. J.'s Tongyou Jiaoyu童幼教育(On the Education of Children c.1632)
2018 Portugal Helena F. S. Lopes University of Oxford Ph. D. Candidate Overseas Chinese in Portugal's African Colonies
2018 Romania BUDEANU Andreea Ioana French National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations, Member of Université Sorbonne Paris-Cité, Paris, France Ph. D. Candidate The relations between contemporary China and the Central and Eastern European countries
2018 Singapore Chung Chien-peng Lingnan University (Hong Kong) Professor Investigating the extent of “internal colonialism,” or state penetration, of Inner Mongolia, Tibet and Xinjiang by the Nationalist government of China
2018 USA Shutz, Joe Travis State University of New York at Binghamton Ph. D. Candidate Raising Tigers Courts Disaster: Mass Violence and Ming-Era State-Society Relations, 1540-1580