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Year Nationality Name Institution Position Topic of Research Plan Tenure
2020 Canada Wen Yin Cheng University of Toronto Ph. D. Candidate Artefacts and artisan’s societies: Reflecting the Shang social organization through bronze vessel production 2020/5~2020/7
2020 Canada Bruce Rusk Department of Asian Studies, University of British Columbia Associate Professor The Imaginary Censers of the Xuande Emperor 2020/1~2020/6
2020 France Boittout Joachim Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) Ph. D. Candidate Individual Torments and Collective Passions in Republican China. Literature in Classical Language and the Formation of an Emotional Public Sphere (1903-1918) 2020/8~2020/12
2020 Israel Ilia Mozias Hebrew University of Jerusalem Ph. D. Candidate Sexual Alchemy and Ritual 2020/2~2020/7
2020 Italy Vinci Renata Roma Tre University Post-doctoral Research Western Fiction in Translation in the Shenbao 申報 (1872-1919): The Contribution of the Chinese Press to the Advent of Literary Modernity in China 2020/3~2020/5
2020 Portugal Helena F. S. Lopes University of Oxford Assistant Professor Sino-Portuguese Relations during the Early Cold War Period 2020/8~2020/9
2020 Russia Roman Shapiro Russian State University for the Humanities Associate Professor Roots and Evolution of Southern Min Puppet Drama in Taiwan 2020/6~2020/11
2020 Singapore Ying-kit Chan The International Institute for Asian Studies, IIAS Post-doctoral Research Converts and Tigers: Harry R. Caldwell and Natural History in Twentieth-Century China 2020/5~2020/7
2020 Singapore Tan Xi Zhe Nanyang Technological University Ph. D. Candidate 2020/2~2020/4
2020 Sweden Rickard Gustavsson Department of Chinese and History, City University of Hong Kong Ph. D. Candidate Cosmology, Politics, and Philology in Northern Song Lexicography 2020/8~2020/12
2020 Sweden Victor Bogren Svensson Centre for Languages and Literature, Lund University Ph. D. Candidate A Study of Adverbial Verbs in Bunun 2020/2~2020/6
2020 Thailand Ruchhira Srisupha Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Thailand Assistant Professor A Comparative Study of Poetry Translation Strategies between Taiwan and Thailand 2020/4~2020/4
2020 UK Walden, Lauren University of Hertfordshire Post-doctoral Research Surrealism in China: A Covert Modernism 2020/3~2020/5
2020 USA Evan Dawley Goucher College, USA Associate Professor The International Construction of Chinese Nationalism during the 20th Century, through ROC Government Policies toward, and Interactions with, Overseas Chinese in Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, and the United States 2020/6~2020/7
2020 USA Nancy Guy Department of Music, University of California, San Diego Professor Western Art Music Performance and Education in Mid-20th Century Taiwan: A View from the Studio of the "Mother of Taiwan Violin Education" 2020/9~2020/11
2020 USA Anna Shields Princeton University Professor Research into Yuan-Qing Editions of Tang Anecdote Collections for New Book, _Writing the Tang_ 2020/4~2020/5
2020 USA Spencer Stewart University of Chicago Ph. D. Candidate The Fabric of War: Cotton Science and Rural Reform in Wartime China, 1937-1945 2020/2~2020/7
2020 USA Benno Weiner Carnegie Mellon University Assistant Professor Liberation Posponed: Conflict and Accommodation on the Ethnic Margins of Early Maoist China 2020/6~2020/8
2020 USA Chuck Wooldridge Associate Professor, Lehman College (City University of New York), and Research Scholar, Weatherhead East Asia Institute, Columbia University Associate Professor Cultures of Maintenance and Repair in Northern Taiwan: A Study of Temples and Religious Practice 2020/1~2020/2
2020 Vietnam Dinh Khac Thuan The Institute of Han Nom Studies, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences Researcher Vietnamese Buddhist bell from the beginning to the XVIII century 2020/4~2020/6
Alternative Candidates
Year Nationality Name Institution Position Topic of Research Plan Tenure
Brazil Caroline Ting State University of Rio de Janeiro Ph. D. Candidate
Czech Republic Martin Blahota Charles University Ph. D. Candidate Jue Qing's Modernist Literature and Japanese Colonialism in Taiwan and Korea
Kingdom of Eswatini Meyers, Karen A. F. Associate Professor Comparative Analysis of Representative Eurpean (Amelie Nothomb), North-African (Nina Bouraoui) and Central-African (Calixthe Beyala) and Taiwanese Autofictional Feminine Literary Works
Germany Schillinger, Nicolas Institute for China Studies, Free University of Berlin (Germany) Post-doctoral Research Scientifc Warfare in Modern China
India Sudhasmita Sahoo Utkal University Ph. D. Candidate Language and Ethnic Identity in Taiwan: A Study of Decreasing Native Language and its Impact on the Present Generation
Italy Corrado Neri University Jean Moulin, Lyon 3 Associate Professor Crime and Punishment in Taiwan Cinema: Politics and Aesthetics of Murder
Japan Nobu Iwatani Hokkaido University Professor
Korea Jaewoong Jeon University of Chicago Learning Liberation: Emergence of Capitalism in Korea and Taiwan
Korea Soon Bang Oh Professor
Latvia Georgijs Dunajevs University of Würzburg Ph. D. Candidate Work with the Editions of the Taiping Guangji
Mexico Edgar Zavala-Pelayo The College of Mexico [El Colegio de Mexico] Assistant Professor Why and how to Govern: A Genealogy of the Missionary Governmentality of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan
New Zealand Limin Bai Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand Professor Building Modern Education in China:Portraits of an Intellectual Network in Shanghai, 1890 - 1911
Peru Mansilla Grippa Ana Gabriela Assistant Professor Government Strategies of Foreign Investment Manufacturing Sector Carried Out by the People's Republic of China (China) that Affected Its Economic Takeoff in the Global Economy during the Period 1980-2016
Singapore Li Jia Asian Languages and Cultures, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Assistant Professor
Singapore Ying Jia Tan Wesleyan University Ph. D. Candidate Hydrocarbon Bonds: Plastic and the Economic Transformation of Chinese East Asia
Spain Herranz Rodrigo Dario University of Jaén (SPAIN) Ph. D. Candidate Zooarchaeology and Taphonomy. New Approaches to Taiwanese Palaeolithic
Thailand Chanokphorn Tongtagorn Panyapiwat Institute of Management Post-doctoral Research The Influence of the Belt and Road Initiative to Political Security of Indochina Countries.
Ukraine Hanna Dashchenko Oles' Honchar Dnipro National University Associate Professor Three different XX centuries: reception of Li Qingzhao’s writing in Taiwan, China and Soviet Union
USA Heinrich, Ari Larissa Associate Professor Taiwan Science Fiction, Past and Present
USA Terry Kleeman University of Colorado Boulder Professor The Evolution of Daoist Rites of Salvation through Refinement in Later Celestial Master Daoism
USA Scott Gregory University of Arizona Assistant Professor “A Farrago of Miraculous Events”?: Journey to the Western Seas and the “Subcelestia Narrative”
USA Evelyn Shih University of Colorado Boulder Assistant Professor Cold War Comic: Power and Laughter in Taiwan and South Korea
USA Peter ZARROW Department of History, University of Connecticut Professor The Heritage of Monarchy and the Construction of National Identity