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Year Nationality Name Position Then Topic of Research Plan
Finland Tero Tähtinen
University of Tampere
Empty Mountains, Empty Mind: Buddhist Influences and Manifestations of Silence in the Poetry of Wang Wei
Japan Kuroda Akinobu
Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, University of Tokyo
Revisiting history of Chinese currencies: from the viewpoint of complementarity among monies
Russia Vladimir Kurdyumov
Moscow City University
Typology and Theory of Chinese Grammar for Students of Taiwan Universities
Japan Naoki Watanabe
Musashi University
Comparative Research on Proletarian Literature in Colonial Taiwan and Colonial Korea: in relation to Hometown Literature Controversy(鄕土文學論爭) and Art Popularization Controversy(藝術大衆化論爭) in 1930s’
Singapore Zhang Songjian
Division of Chinese, School of Humanities, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
The Influence of Modern Taiwanese Poetry on Singapore
USA Hou-mei Sung
Cincinnati Art Museum
Decoding Chinese Horse Painting
USA Rebecca E. Karl
New York University
The worlds of Economic Thinking in China's Twentieth Century
USA Jia-Chen Fu
Emory University
Anger in a Time of War: Psychology and the Problem of Child Emotional Development in China, 1937-1949
Russia Stanislav Grigoriev
Institute of History and Archaeology, Russian Academy of Sciences
Comparison of metallurgy of ancient China and Northern Eurasia in the Bronze Age
Iran Zahra Karimi Moughari
University of Mazandaran, Iran
Taiwan Economic and Political Miracle; Lessons for Oil Exporting Countries in the Middle East